About Us

About Us


GHC, is a progressive diagnostic company, providing healthcare professionals in hospital, reference, and physician office laboratories and point-of-care settings with the vital information required to accurately diagnose, treat, and monitor patients. Our latest technology of performance-driven solutions and personalized customer care streamlines workflow, enhances operational efficiency, and supports improved patient outcomes. With the help of dedicated and motivated employees GHC is providing their customers a valuable relationship and benefits. Our systematic, customer-centered approach to product development is constantly shaped and strengthened by listening to customers and understanding their needs. Working closely with laboratories, clinicians, and hospital administrators, we create forward-thinking products and solutions that are shaping and transforming diagnostics- improving clinical outcomes and, ultimately, helping to improve patient care.


Global health care mission is to be a leading supplier of life science research and diagnostic products, recognized for its unparalleled delivery of customer satisfaction and service. By focusing on highly technical products, GHC strives to be a recognized supplier in the development and marketing of life science products within the Pakistan region.

Our Vision

Global Health care has always put their collective knowledge and know-how at the service of both healthcare professionals and patients alike, guaranteeing that people all around the globe may reap the benefits of their longstanding efforts and deep-rooted experience


GHC is result of entrepreneurial, dynamic personality trait of Mr. Asif (CEO, GHC), who have ten years of dedicated experience in the health care and diagnostic industry.
"To us success is not a destination, it is a journey and we are focused on it."
"Our mission is to develop an everlasting as well as blossoming relationship with our clientele. GHC ensures that it's top of the range Diagnostics products and Health care offerings facilitate not only current but also future requirements of its customers. We strongly believe that only by offering a wide range of products of good quality and by exquisite customer care we will be in a mutually beneficial bonding with our customers leading all stake holders to success."

Core Values

At Global Health Care, our core values are
"To ensure that every person and organization we serve received the greatest possible value for their health care investment."
"We do this by bringing together members, employers, and providers, making available the best possible information, and together devising solutions that help people enjoy optimal health. "Contribute in whatever way to the improvement of the National Health Care Sector. Become involved in developing medical policies, standards and structures." "High motivation of your staff and creation of pride amongst them to work for GHC and its partners.""


Global Health care is committed to:

  • Developing service techniques to customers' needs, anticipate expectations, and supply solutions which create added value
  • Systematically selecting new and highly technological products
  • Enhancing the distribution of products and services with the most innovative and reliable technical instruments, which in turn render the organization more efficient by integrating and exploiting all the necessary potentialities.

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